The Stride of Pride

The Walk of Shame, the Stride of Pride… that moment of undeniable feeling of accomplishment or whatever we may call it on our way home from a night of mischief and orgasms is universal and transcendent through generations.  This was evident last night as I stumbled through the streets with my cousins trick or treating … More The Stride of Pride

Booze, Boobs, & Birth Control: Que dois-je écris?

Navigating the waters of blogging.  It seems as though one blogs about one thing and one thing only.  Cooking, Fashion, Travel, Lord of the Rings, and hence I entered into some confusion on how to blog, where to begin, where to focus.  Do I blog about my impeccable fashion or the vignettes I create or … More Booze, Boobs, & Birth Control: Que dois-je écris?

Paradoxical Abyss

As a bartender I encounter a plethura of unique individuals.  There is one woman that I will never forget. She will be immortal in my memories.  She sat at the end of the bar. The smell of life, a hard life, was more suffocating than the cigarette drooping from her exhausted lips.  Her face and … More Paradoxical Abyss

Perusals & Ponders

I have an affair with books much like the affairs I have with my lovers.  I lust after them, obtain them, and then proceed to another.  I desire books then leave them unfinished.  I trace the outlines of their bodies with my fingertips, explore their meanings with my lips, gaze over the lines, lost in … More Perusals & Ponders

Checking In

It was a simple joke, a pose for a picture.  Just clmib into the coffin and 3, 2, 1, SMILE! But lying in a coffin was more than a deal of 2 pictures for $20.  It was this 25, 24.75, year old’s existential crisis come to a halt.  All the worries I had carried with … More Checking In